January 2011 and Back to the Start 2009

This is the monthly nonprofit report recorded by corporation secretary Brittany Ammons.

Previous to any structured nonprofit program work, Jeannie Bolstridge earned a therapy dog registration for Max the dog the summer of 2009. A relationship with the local primary school was then built as  Jeannie and Max tutored freely one-on-one with children in need.  Teachers chose their most needy students for Max and Jeannie’s one-on-one tutoring. They gave 20 hours weekly to the students from grades K-2 during the 2009-2010 school year. Photos began accumulating of this gentle dog with reading students from the local primary school.

In response to teacher’s and parent’s requests to see photos of their children and  this program, the blog tutoringgreatkids.org was made.  It was later divided into two smaller blogs of readdogs.org and learningsocially.net.  As time passed, more blogs were added to our nonprofit’s support system to help parents and teachers remain knowledgeable of helpful apps for their children. The following blogs support the iOS devices for learning:

Autism 4 Life

Apps 4 Education

Apps on Sale

I 4 Technology

The work during the school year of 2010-2011 was limited due to Jeannie Bolstridge’s Dad’s  fall and hip fracture. However, during that school year Jeannie tutored  one student for an hour daily. This student had Max written into her IEP and goals from the Marcus Institute for Autism were followed during these tutoring sessions.

This post was written by Jeannie Bolstridge.