March 2011

Jeannie Bolstridge begun work to make a resource of apps for children.  Many apps were downloaded and tried with parents and teachers who I met while volunteering daily at the primary school during the 2009-2012 school years. These resource pages were initially found on the blog. In 2012 a blog-audio series was begun for the parents and teachers’ added convenience of listening to the material. These resource pages can now be found as blog posts with SoundCloud audio at the following addresses:

50 Web-based educational apps

Math apps for the iPad-iPhone-iPod

ELA (English Language Arts) apps for the iPad,iPhone,iPod

Math and English apps for Android devices

Review of  Mobile Devices for Educational apps

The above links contain suggestions for educational  iOS device apps, Android apps, and Kindle apps. There were also web apps  listed for those kids who are more comfortable using the mouse than the touch screen.

This post was written by Jeannie Bolstridge of Social Teaching for Kids.