church entrance for tutoring

September 2012

church entrance for tutoring

Throughout September, Jeannie Bolstridge, Bobbie Davis, and Brittany Ammons worked on finishing the production of different websites, Jeannie worked on setting up individual e-mails, and they all prepared information to present to the nonprofit meeting.

Brittany Ammons went over to Jeannie Bolstridge’s house on Sept. 3 to work together on getting the websites and e-mails set up and working.

Kimberly Duckworth, Jeannie Bolstridge, Bobbie Davis, and Brittany Ammons met at Kimberly’s house on Sept. 16. Together, they discussed a large variety of topics including: Sensory Friendly Learning (SFL) Inc. and FATE’s yearly expected expenses (domain names) and forms of income (affiliate links), guides for the new tutors on how to socially interact with the children, what days tutoring will be in Fitzgerald (Tuesdays) and in Douglas (Mondays), legal issues, and possible promo codes for some of SFL’s favorite apps.

Tutoring had not yet begun for this school year.  Groundwork was being laid because of the nonprofit merger to restructure the tutoring program to be consistent in now two locations.

FATE had its first meeting since the merger with SFL  on Sept. 22. Kimberly Duckworth opened the meeting as Brittany Ammons passed out member contact slips. Jeannie Bolstridge explained how she began tutoring children in schools in 2009 and how Sensory Friendly Learning Inc. is going to tutor their children in Douglas. She also introduced Debbie Polhamus to FATE members. She used a projector to show the members the Goalbook website and the SFL website. Kimberly Introduced Lee Ann Hutto, who was attending her first meeting. Brittany passed out papers with lists of different iPad and Android apps to the members.