After-School Program Adapted PE 007

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You might ask why I’m discussing Adapted Physical Education in a series covering after-school tutoring!  Well, I’ll give you straight away my belief statement : “Planned movement or activity with a purpose is one of the most powerful tools a teacher or tutor has to accomplish their academic goals” Read More »


Sharing from Tammy

“The Sensory Friendly Center was very beneficial to my student’s learning success. Because of my students being able to be a part of this program, several of them who were struggling were promoted to the next grade due to the center’s great volunteers.”

Tammy Slaven

First Grade

Ben Hill Primary School

November 2012

Hands on a globe

Saturday, Nov. 10, the nonprofit met at the Coffee Regional Medical Center in Conference Room 2 for the monthly meeting. The meeting began at 11:00 A.M. and ended at 1:00 P.M. FATE members filled out information that will help the organization prepare for when after-school tutoring begins in Coffee County. Kim Duckworth knew of a class of students who were interested in tutoring and would arrange for them to meet our nonprofit members during a December event.

Jeannie continues to produce weekly blog post/audio for the support of any community member interested in working with us or building their own program.

After-School Program Educational Apps 004

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After-School Program Apps 004  is all about educational iPad and Android apps. I also include a video presentation of one of the apps used in our learning center. The easy instructions within this presentation can be found on this blog page or on my old YouTube channel  named “Dogs Help Kids” . Please let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear  your feedback! Read More »

After-School Program Requirements 003


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First off today, I’m going to take a minute to encourage you. The previous blog journal #002 was foundational and it requires your involvement over a period of time. Ok, this time period is really a win-win setup for you. While you are volunteering within the school tutoring one-on-one, you are gaining understanding of the children’s needs and you’re building friendships. Your extra daytime (or nighttime) hours are also productive working on the details of building your after-school program. There are a BUNCH of steps to be accomplished, so you need this period of time while you are tutoring within the school to put every program “block” in its place.
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