Building a homeschool group similiar to building an afterschool group

Are you a Mom or Dad, Grandpa or Grandma, who is considering building something in your community for your children?  A homeschool group shares structural similarities with an after-school program .  I am both a homeschooling grandmother and an after-school provider who advocates keeping the children constructively engaged throughout the day with fun, educational activities. Our four “children” are all in their thirties now, and they’ll confirm there was never “boredom” in our house!!
If you are a person I’ve described above, listen to the afterschool/homeschool building program audio series. You can read the nine blog journals, but you can also listen to each of these brief audio files on your way to work or working around your home. You can listen directly from the HowtoReadpro SoundCloud page or on the individual blog posts on this site. If you have an iPhone, iPod, or Android smartphone, you can download the SoundCloud app and enjoy these audio files on your mobile.
When I recorded these audio files, my focus at the time was to support parents whose children were struggling in public school by tutoring these children afterschool to hopefully build their confidence. During the time I was recording, I was also homeschooling. I became increasingly aware and pleasantly surprised by the growing number of homeschooling families! In our south Georgia area, there are also both parents who work, and they’ve approached our homeschool groups about homeschooling their child in an already established homeschooling home.
I hope this afterschool-homeschool series is useful to you. Please let me know what you think!soundcloud


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