“PanPaTan” is developed by Mosster. It is normally $2.99 and is on sale for $1.99 for a limited time. It does not contain in-app purchases. It is only compatible with the iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Four Giant Siblings play together in a band, bringing music and fun to a big magical city. They will explore the city and turn everything they find from buildings to towers with helicopters into instruments to play a fun melodic tune.

PanPaTan was designed for little minds to explore musical sounds while using the screen device in a different way. PanPaTan encourages kids to use other movements, apart from clicking such as dragging a xylophone on a building or strumming carriages. The best part of PanPaTan is that it allows four players at one time to play instruments together, producing a wonderful tune and encouraging sharing! We guarantee that the tune is musical and not just banging drums and noise!

PanPaTan will definitely get your little ones smiling and dancing along with the Four Giant Siblings.

– No in app purchases
– Advertising free
– Designed for toddlers but enjoyable for kids 2+ as well
– Multiplayer promoting togetherness and sharing
– Original music with pleasant and melodic sounds
– Handmade, inspiring and fun characters design
– 16 musical instruments with 24 possible combinations of musicians and sounds
– Simple play, with self directed exploration or parent guided exploration

Our app encourages:
– Playing with other kids that owns Mosster apps as apps all work together musically
– Playing with real musical toys, which are usually in tune with the same scale we used for our music apps

About Mosster Toys:
At Mosster we want to transform phones and tablets into real world toys that kids can use to play with their friends and explore the world around them.

“We believe real toys have always been incredibly important social tools for the development of children. And that’s something we are trying to bring to our digital medium”.

Featuring professional animation, artwork and music by award winning artists, our uniquely designed and handmade apps are designed to encourage parent interaction and promote a child’s engagement outside of the mobile device. Developed with intuitive ease of use, these digital products keep children entertained as they engage with quirky characters in a fascinating world.

iPad Link: PanPaTan – Mosster

Source: Smart Apps For Kids