Other Sites

App Safari – This website features descriptions and ratings of many apps in the App Store.

Apps in Education – This website contains iPad apps for Math, English, Science, Music, Art, and more.

App Sales – This website contains Android apps that are on sale or free.

App Shopper – This website contains iOS and Mac apps that are free or on sale.

Autism Society – This is the official website of the Autism Society. Here you can learn about Autism, current research, events, and more.

Autism Speaks – Autism Speaks has an Autism Apps page where you can find many apps listed according to Name, Category, Platform, Age, Supporting Research, and Rating.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation – On this site, you can learn about Autism, different ASDF programs, news, and more.

Best Apps For Kids – This site contains apps categorized by Education, Creative, Language, Health, Books, and Holiday with each of those having multiple sub-categories.

Beyond Autism Awareness – This website contains a lot of information about those with autism.

My Autism Team – This is a great website for parents of a child with Autism to get advice, help, and just have someone to talk to. You can ask a question or make a statement and are other parents who know what you are going through.

Smart Apps For Android – This is a Smart Apps For Kids sister-site. This site shows educational, free, and discount Android apps.

Smart Apps For Kids – This website is my favorite for finding out when apps are at a discount price or free. This site only does iOS apps. This includes app on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Smart Apps For Special Needs – This is another sister-site to Smart Apps For Kids. Apps on this site are broken down into many, many categories, such as: health, organization, emotions, social skills, vocabulary, dyslexia, all star, inclusion, and more.


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