Reading-Teaching Resources

Enjoy this short video entitled “Book People Unite” which confirms the value of book reading for children and the incredible effect that books have in children’s lives.

The following are some well respected reading programs for homeschool or after-school programs. This is an ongoing, updated list.

Inspirational and Instructional


Building a homeschool group similiar to building an afterschool group

Are you a Mom or Dad, Grandpa or Grandma, who is considering building something in your community for your children?  A homeschool group shares structural similarities with an after-school program .  I am both a homeschooling grandmother and an after-school provider who advocates keeping the children constructively engaged throughout the day with fun, educational activities. […]

Daily activities for the after-school time.

For years I’ve enjoyed this rich variety of daily activities with children. Whether in our after-school program or in our individual homes, there are enough ideas to vary them so that the kids look forward to the change.   I’d love to hear from you with activiies you do !

older girl tutoring younger

  • peer to peer support by pairing children who want to be gentle leaders with younger students
  • short sessions one-to-one with a retired educator or grandparent

dedicated tutor and student

  • reciprical learning relationship between the children and a college/highschool tutor (if it is is a good match, both enjoy each other and grow)

young adult volunteer tutors

  • Movement or adapted PE that breaks up the sitting time with common sense, every day planned, simple movements based on principles from occupational therapy
  • digital learning and fun exercises using computer programs, iPads, and Android  tablets
  • incorporation of  trained therapy dog in daily reading time
  • support blogs and the many other reference sites with pages of linked resources for creative learning
  • practical skills for teaching children social, personal skills. For example, making a simple snack and serving it to others around them
  • simple sewing or handwork projects for girls, and for the boys there are hand work projects such as a pre-cut wooden model. It often takes on special meaning to do these projects with the goal of gifting them to others

“Overcome your FEAR of Homeschooling”, Sandra K. Cook

Having taught both in the classroom and in the home, I can say that Sandra’s book is a book cover of "Overcome your fear of homeschooling"“must- have” reference for any parent or grandparent thinking about homeschooling.  The consideration of homeschooling  comes to many when their child isn’t prospering within the school classroom. Sandra’s book leaves no question unanswered, and her ideas and experiences are also very beneficial for parents and caregivers during the after-school time.

Sandra’s heart for children and a high educational standard shine brightly throughout her book. I am on my second time reading it, and would highly recommend you buy it for all of $3.79 (digital platform). A true value for such a great support ! You can find it here in Amazon.

Baby Goats are called Kids for a reason

After having a large herd of USDA milk-tested goats, we sold most of them when we moved to a larger piece of property. Here is the beginning of our new herd complete with playful kid goats. This agricultural project gives our granddaughter plenty of “homework”, such as planning the size of the holding pens using perimeter and area calculations, feed ratios, etc.