January 2014

Today the decision was made to voluntarily dissolve the 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation, Sensory Friendly Learning Inc. The notice of dissolution was submitted today to the local paper, to be published for two consecutive weeks. The IRS and the Georgia Secretary of State have been called and customer service people from both organizations have advised the proper steps to close this legal structure. This process should be competed by February, 2014.  Our Articles of Incorporation state that other educational non-profits with a similiar purpose as ours will receive the money in our non-profit’s bank account.

As Founder of this non-profit, I can see the benefit to the children for me and my Board, consisting of educators and college interns, to spend more time tutoring children than tending the legalities of operating the non-profit corporation.

One chapter has closed, but the Book goes on. I’m proud to continue supporting children who learn differently.

Jeannie Bolstridge


November 2013

Jeannie Bolstridge joins the forum of Halo-Soma, home of this dedicated mother’s rapid prompting methold (RPM).

Brittany Ammons added many apps to her Apps on Sale blog.

Brittany Ammons created the following posts on her  Autism 4 Life blog: Autistic Brothers in New York City Marathon, Cheaper is Better, and Belk Charity Sale.

Brittany Ammons sent out an e-mail to inform nonprofit members about the Belk Charity Sale.

Jeannie Bolstridge created the post “Teaching Plans Unite with Technology” on her Social Prompter blog.

On November 9, Jeannie Bolstridge and Brittany Ammons sold tickets for the Belk Charity Sale from 6 A.M. to 10 A.M. to raise money for the nonprofit.

Brittany Ammons contacted the Grand Theatre and asked if nonprofit members could watch the movie “Frozen” privately. A newsletter was again sent out to all Douglas and Fitzgerald nonprofit supporters, but there was no response from anyone in Douglas.

Vicki Nagengast, the original founder of the Douglas group FATE with whom SFL merged, called Jeannie to talk about the concerns Douglas parents had with the August 2012 merger written by our lawyer. Vicki suggested that it may please everyone in Douglas if we dissolved the merger and left the FATE parent group free to operate in the casual manner that they have since 2007. She suggested that these folks were not comfortable with the state structure or IRS designation under which our nonprofit needed to operate.

October 2013

Brittany Ammons added a total of 48 apps to her Apps on Sale blog.

Jeannie Bolstridge created the posts “Sensory Friendly Tutoring Stations” and Google’s “Good to Know” Great Read for Teachers and Parents. She continued to e-mail members of the Georgia Tech. team to ask about rebuilding the Social Prompter app.

Brittany Ammons posted information about the apps Bugs and Buttons on her Apps 4 Education blog.

Brittany Ammons had a table outside of the Belk store in Tifton, Georgia to sell tickets for the Belk Charity Sale from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM on Oct. 25 and from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM on Oct. 28.

Jeannie and Steven Bolstridge joined a new large church with churches in both towns where our nonprofit serves. We are hoping that there are parents and teachers who would welcome our volunteer work in those places and that the mission of the Good News of the church can also be strengthened.

May 2013

On May 7, Brittany Ammons announced the upcoming Douglas Meeting on her Autism 4 Life blog.

The monthly non-profit meeting in Douglas was canceled for May since Kimberly Duckworth was unable to attend.

Jeannie Bolstridge worked with the non-profit bank representative, the CPA supporting the non-profit, and our non-profit bookkeeper about needed receipts during the past five months of 2013.

Monthly Douglas Meeting – May 2013

On Saturday, May 11, 2013, SFL is having a meeting at the Coffee Regional Medical Center in Douglas, Georgia. The meeting will be held in Conference Room 2 on the ground floor on begins at 11:00 AM.

These monthly meetings are not for members only. Anyone is welcome to attend and feel free to bring your children.

Contact SFL at mrsb@socialprompter.net for any questions, comments, concerns, or just to say hello.

January 2013

Jeannie Bolstridge contacted and visited several churches within Fitzgerald to look for another site to tutor, but was unable to find another suitable site.  During this time, the agreement was made with parents that we would support them and serve the community by posting mobile device and app tutorials,  educational app reviews, and a podcast series.

Brittany Ammons began building support blogs. Brittany continued to email monthly newsletters and meetings were still held once monthly at the Coffee Regional Medical Center conference room.

Jeannie Bolstridge began building the Learning Socially blog and continued to meet one-on-one twice weekly with a child with Autism.

July 2012


Brittany Ammons worked on new brochures and business cards for the upcoming merger of our nonprofit  Sensory Friendly Learning Inc. with Facing Autism Together Everyday (FATE), a local grassroots group. The idea to merge was discussed  at a Wendy’s restaurant weekday meeting with Bobbie Davis, Kim Duckworth, and Jeannie Bolstridge.

Jeannie submitted the post “Get Early Help for Special Needs Kids”.

May 2012

puzzle-pieces1 (1)

The completion of the first after-school program school year. The student’s daytime teachers all gave positive support of the benefit  of the program for their students. The following positions were defined:

Brittany Ammons would assume the Secretary position for the nonprofit corporation.

Barbara Harris would assume the “CFO” bookkeeping position for the nonprofit

David Connolly would return to tutor whenever there was a student for him to help.

Bobbie Davis was unsure of her fall schedule due to her Fall 2012 graduation from college.

Kathy Silva-Nash left her service with our nonprofit to volunteer in other ways.

This post was written by Jeannie Bolstridge of Social Teaching for Kids.

April 2012

Zumbathon event Max-ASD child

Jeannie Bolstridge and Brittany Ammons did a walk-through of the room in the Fitzgerald Utilities Building with Jim Sellers, a board member, to prepare for the Information Fair/Zumbathon fundraiser.

Sensory Friendly Learning had a free Information Fair at the Fitzgerald Utilities Building. We had pictures of the children with Max, T-shirts at discount prices, a door prize, child, adult, and, grandparent Zumba sessions, and information about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Facing Autism Together Everyday, and bibliotherapy.

March 2012

Jeannie Bolstridge opened the booth at the Wild Chicken Festival in Fitzgerald to familiarize local people with our free tutoring program. We also sold Max t-shirts there. Later in the morning Bobbie Davis and Heather Thomas took the table over to familiarize local folks with their organization Facing Autism Together Everyday (FATE).

Jeannie continued to tutor the one local student with autism and work with the students at Georgia Tech. to prepare the Social Prompter app for distribution.