January 2014

Today the decision was made to voluntarily dissolve the 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation, Sensory Friendly Learning Inc. The notice of dissolution was submitted today to the local paper, to be published for two consecutive weeks. The IRS and the Georgia Secretary of State have been called and customer service people from both organizations have advised the proper steps to close this legal structure. This process should be competed by February, 2014.  Our Articles of Incorporation state that other educational non-profits with a similiar purpose as ours will receive the money in our non-profit’s bank account.

As Founder of this non-profit, I can see the benefit to the children for me and my Board, consisting of educators and college interns, to spend more time tutoring children than tending the legalities of operating the non-profit corporation.

One chapter has closed, but the Book goes on. I’m proud to continue supporting children who learn differently.

Jeannie Bolstridge


January 2013

Jeannie Bolstridge contacted and visited several churches within Fitzgerald to look for another site to tutor, but was unable to find another suitable site.  During this time, the agreement was made with parents that we would support them and serve the community by posting mobile device and app tutorials,  educational app reviews, and a podcast series.

Brittany Ammons began building support blogs. Brittany continued to email monthly newsletters and meetings were still held once monthly at the Coffee Regional Medical Center conference room.

Jeannie Bolstridge began building the Learning Socially blog and continued to meet one-on-one twice weekly with a child with Autism.

March 2012

Jeannie Bolstridge opened the booth at the Wild Chicken Festival in Fitzgerald to familiarize local people with our free tutoring program. We also sold Max t-shirts there. Later in the morning Bobbie Davis and Heather Thomas took the table over to familiarize local folks with their organization Facing Autism Together Everyday (FATE).

Jeannie continued to tutor the one local student with autism and work with the students at Georgia Tech. to prepare the Social Prompter app for distribution.

June 2011

Jeannie Bolstridge created the post “Cultivating a Life of Service” on the non-profit blog. We are working hard to cultivate interest and discover volunteers to help with young children’s tutoring next school year.

This post was written by Jeannie Bolstridge on Social Teaching for Kids.

March 2011

Jeannie Bolstridge begun work to make a resource of apps for children.  Many apps were downloaded and tried with parents and teachers who I met while volunteering daily at the primary school during the 2009-2012 school years. These resource pages were initially found on the tutoringgreatkids.org blog. In 2012 a blog-audio series was begun for the parents and teachers’ added convenience of listening to the material. These resource pages can now be found as blog posts with SoundCloud audio at the following addresses:

50 Web-based educational apps

Math apps for the iPad-iPhone-iPod

ELA (English Language Arts) apps for the iPad,iPhone,iPod

Math and English apps for Android devices

Review of  Mobile Devices for Educational apps

The above links contain suggestions for educational  iOS device apps, Android apps, and Kindle apps. There were also web apps  listed for those kids who are more comfortable using the mouse than the touch screen.

This post was written by Jeannie Bolstridge of Social Teaching for Kids.

February 2011

Jeannie Bolstridge created the post “Dr. Baron-Cohen Defends Disabled Kid’s Rights” on her blog tutoring great kids.org. Now, it is located on her Social Teaching for Kids blog.

Dr. Baron-Cohen speaks very personally and respectfully in his view of his own disabled sister. It is clear to see that he truly believes in the precious gift of life that doesn’t depend on the person’s contribution or talent while in society.

January 2011 and Back to the Start 2009

This is the monthly nonprofit report recorded by corporation secretary Brittany Ammons.

Previous to any structured nonprofit program work, Jeannie Bolstridge earned a therapy dog registration for Max the dog the summer of 2009. A relationship with the local primary school was then built as  Jeannie and Max tutored freely one-on-one with children in need.  Teachers chose their most needy students for Max and Jeannie’s one-on-one tutoring. They gave 20 hours weekly to the students from grades K-2 during the 2009-2010 school year. Photos began accumulating of this gentle dog with reading students from the local primary school.

In response to teacher’s and parent’s requests to see photos of their children and  this program, the blog tutoringgreatkids.org was made.  It was later divided into two smaller blogs of readdogs.org and learningsocially.net.  As time passed, more blogs were added to our nonprofit’s support system to help parents and teachers remain knowledgeable of helpful apps for their children. The following blogs support the iOS devices for learning:

Autism 4 Life

Apps 4 Education

Apps on Sale

I 4 Technology

The work during the school year of 2010-2011 was limited due to Jeannie Bolstridge’s Dad’s  fall and hip fracture. However, during that school year Jeannie tutored  one student for an hour daily. This student had Max written into her IEP and goals from the Marcus Institute for Autism were followed during these tutoring sessions.

This post was written by Jeannie Bolstridge.